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SolidWhite tube
SolidWhite tube
SolidWhite tube SolidWhite tube

SolidWhite tube

$32.00 USD


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* The new "solid tubes" are slowly going to replace the "milky" tubes on this store. I have been using these for months now, and I'm finally making them available to you. They are way brighter, and come with a blackout backing (no need for the black cover) *

Here's a long and a small tube with a provided extender. You can stack them to make them longer (up to 46.5 inches). We teach how to use these tubes on this Youtube channel and in my private learning group.  

Cut size options:

  • Long tubes length: 41" (104cm) 
  • Short tubes length: 5.5" (14cm) 
  • Half tubes length: 23.25" (59cm)


  • Inner diameter: 1.125" (28mm)
  • Super light-weight polycarbonate based tubes
  • Colored identification handles
  • Gels protected on both ends
  • Directional light / black out backing

Included items:

  • 2 tubes (select your cut size)
  • 1x 23.25" Extender

Recommended accessories: End capsBlack tubeBagFlashlights

    Please note that:

    • This kit is the result of 8 years of hard work finding out the best possible solution for tube light-painting.
    • Each tube is assembled by hand. 
    • The tubes are not scratch-proof, waterproof, bend-proof.
    • The tubes are ultra-light-weight, super bright, and they are the ones that I use everyday
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    • Expected shipping time & import fees: see FAQ.


    All pictures by Kim Henry / Eric Paré. More examples from the community can be found here: @lightpaintingtubes