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The Tube Tribe Community

Kim and I started to share our knowledge about the tubes since day one. That is precisely on July 31th, 2015. We've been teaching light-painting for much longer than this, but somehow, the tubes started to become sort of an iconic item of art in which a community gathered and flourished. We do sell tubes (the tubes on this store), but that's pretty recent in our history. Our main goal is mostly to teach about the technique and make it available for everyone. Yes, we teach how to replicate the tubes we have on this store!

Here's a bunch of links for you to join this wonderful community:

  1. Our private learning Facebook group (this is where we're the most active): https://fb.com/groups/ericpare
  2. @lightpaintingtubes instagram account. This is where we feature light-painting artists that are using tubes from this store.
  3. @tubetribe instagram account. This is the main instagram account about the Tube Tribe community.
  4. Our private email list. Register here: https://lightpaintingtubes.com/subscribe


Kim & Eric <3