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34-minutes light-painting workshop at the beach (Episode 145)

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File format: MP4, 1080p
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We made this super long videos is to show the exact rhythm, how it goes in our heads, and mostly, OUR FAILS. 

3:30 - Exposing constraints of the location
6:11 - Choosing the framing/testing the settings
10:30 - Starting with 2 tubes (1 MW and 1 mirror), 2 flashlights at 1000 lumen each
12:02 - 1 tube only (mirror and a black cap)
15:02 - Testing the Pearl tube, switching to Nitecore Mt22c flashlight
19:58 - RP tube with glow cap
22:35 - Jupiter tube (discontinued)
23:29 - Peach tube
25:26 - Outline flashlight

Recorded in December 2019. By Kim Henry & Eric Paré


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