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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020

Post Black Friday

If you missed the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, here's a very good option to get you started with Tube Light-Painting or Light blading. I have this 10% discount code available for two weeks on LightPainting.store and LiteBlades.com
Use coupon code D10 at checkout
Starts on December 02 2020 @ 10am East, Ends on December 16th 2020 @ 10am EAST

Cyber Monday

UPDATE! I had way too many people telling me their disappointment about the fact that there was no deal on the TravelKit during Black Friday. Well, here's something interesting! Use coupon code CM20 at checkout for a 20% discount on the TravelKit and TravelKit+! Enjoy :) lightpainting.store/kits 
Also, I just re-activated the 30% discount on the Single tubes! (Coupon code CM30)
Valid until Tuesday December 1st at 8pm EAST

Black Friday

Hey everyone! There are 3 coupon codes currently available for tubes and blades! Check this out :)
  1. Single tubes @ 30% rebate - Use coupon code BF30 at checkout

  2. StarterKit and StarterKit+ @ 20% rebate - Use coupon code BF20 at checkout

  3. Single blades, KYO Blade & KYO Tube @ 20% rebate - Use coupon code BF20 at checkout

Valid from November 26 10pm to November 28 10pm - Montréal time