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Holographic vinyl slices

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These is the same holographic material we use in our tubes. We're making them available for you as a cost-saving option and also to open the door for you to get creative with different was of mixing the holographic colors.


  • Option 1 (easy/simple/less durable): insert the whole slice inside a T8 tube and tape both ends
  • Option 2: Peel the vinyl and apply on a cake collar or on a clear gel. The clear gel is going to give you a much brighter result. This is how we assemble our tubes here. See the tutorial 

For complete kits fully assembled and with accessories, check out the other products on the shop:

Pack includes

  • 3x Holographic slices, length: 46.5" (fits in a regular t8) - select your color kit from the list above

Please note that some of the colors may have bubbles from the original manufacturer. You can rid of the bubbles by applying the vinyl on a cake collar or on a clear gel.

Not included: Plastic tubes, flashlights, caps

Recommended Flashlights and triggers:



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