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Glow caps (pack of 3)
Glow caps (pack of 3)
Glow caps (pack of 3) Glow caps (pack of 3)

Glow caps (pack of 3)

$24.99 USD

Here's the new very simple tube cap! What is this for?

  • Make the tube brighter (by bouncing the light)
  • Add a well-defined edge on your light-painting shapes
  • Attach birthday sparklers
  • Attach other accessories

    What's included? 

    • 3x tube cap (glow) 


    • These caps are working with any of the tubes you can find on this online store
    • Caps are not compatible with raw t8 tubes, but you can adapt your tubes by adding one or two slices of tape in the inner part of them.

     Not included: tubes, zip ties, feathers, pipe cleaners, flashlight, carrying bag, camera, trigger, tripod

    Please note that:

    • The design of the cap is going to evolve in time (for the best). What you receive slightly differ from the product pictures
    • Payment is captured after check-out.
    • Expected shipping time: within one week


     *** BEFORE PURCHASING, PLEASE READ THE FULL FAQ HERE: https://lightpaintingtubes.com/faq/ ***