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Color & diffusion gels for T8 tubes
Color & diffusion gels for T8 tubes

Color & diffusion gels for T8 tubes

$59.00 USD

This is a pack of five colored gels and two diffusers for T8 tubes. These are the same ones that I'm using for all of my pictures and for the tubes that I'm selling. You can also use those inside T12 tubes but there's going to be a gap (which is fine as you are very likely to add a black stripe on the back of the tube anyway). This pack exists for people in USA or Canada who have easy access to stock tubes at hardware stores. 

Here's how I was using these gels before I started to build more solid ones : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRYT7r7uTJ0

For complete kits fully assembled and with accessories, check out the other products on the shop: https://lightpainting.store

Length: 46.5" (regular t8)

Pack includes

  • 2x Orange colored gel
  • 1x Pink colored gel
  • 1x Yellow colored gel
  • 1x Cherry colored gel
  • 2x Milky diffuser

Not included: Plastic tubes, flashlights, caps

Recommended Flashlights and triggers:

    Please note that:

    • The gels are high quality real Rosco products (including the diffuser)
    • The caps are not compatible with regular plastic tubes, but you can do minor modifications to make them fit (one or two layers of tape inside your actual tube) 
    • Payment is captured after check-out.
    • Expected shipping time: within 3 weeks

     *** BEFORE PURCHASING, PLEASE READ THE FULL FAQ HERE: https://lightpaintingtubes.com/faq/ ***