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Eric's lightweight travel kit (2022 edition)
Eric's lightweight travel kit (2022 edition)

Eric's lightweight travel kit (2022 edition)

$145.00 USD


This is a complete set to get you started with tube light-painting! You'll find in this one my two main tubes and a couple of accessories. You can stack the tubes to make them longer (up to 46.5 inches), and mix them to get different color patterns. We teach how to use these tubes on this Youtube channel and in my private learning group.  


  • Long tubes length: 41" (104cm) 
  • Short tubes length: 5.5" (14cm) 
  • Inner diameter: 1.125" (28mm)
  • Super light-weight polycarbonate based tubes
  • Colored identification handles
  • Gels protected on both ends

Included items:

  • 1x Long + 1x Small SolidWhite tubes,
  • 1x Long + 1x Small SolidOrange tubes,
  • 1x Long + 1x Small Sugar tubes,
  • 1x Long + 1x Small xWarm tubes,
  • 4x 15.5" Extenders,
  • 2x Black GummyCaps,
  • 2x Glow GummyCaps

Recommended accessories: End capsBlack tubeBag, Flashlights

    Please note that:

    • This kit is the result of 3 years of hard work finding out the best possible solution for tube light-painting.
    • Each tube is assembled by hand. 
    • The tubes are not scratch-proof, waterproof, bend-proof.
    • The tubes are ultra-light-weight, super bright, and they are the ones that I use everyday
    • The gels/protectors are high quality real Rosco products (including the diffuser, the reflector and the protector)
    • You can use two tubes together to create stripes (using two flashlights, one on strobe mode)
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    • Expected shipping time & import fees: see FAQ.


    All pictures by Kim Henry / Eric Paré. More examples from the community can be found here: @lightpaintingtubes