Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
Tube caps v4 (pack of two)
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Tube caps v4 (pack of two)

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Here are my new sets of light-painting tube end caps! These are great to:

  • Add a well-defined edge on your light-painting shapes
  • Block the light
  • Make the tube brighter (by bouncing the light)
  • Bounce + pass through light (half-caps)
  • Attach a feather or a pipe cleaner using a zip-tie
  • Attach birthday sparklers
  • Attach other accessories

What's new in version 4?

  • New design with threaded add-ons
  • The cap is now a single model made of 3 parts:
    • Main structure (black)
    • Light blocker (black, threaded) on top
    • Light bouncer (glow, threaded) at the bottom
  • Greater thermal resistance: 
  • 2 different sizes for sparkler holes
  • Much bigger opening to get more light on your feathers
  • All zip-tie slots moved to the outside with four different slight slope angles (0°, 5°, 10°, 15°) to bring the feather more or less in-line with the main opening
  • Inserts for bigger sparklers on the side (morning glory, ice fountains...)
  • Flat sides to better combine two tubes side by side

What's included? 

2x caps (3 parts each) 



  • These caps are working with any of the tubes you can find on this online store
  • Caps are not compatible with raw t8 tubes, but you can adapt your tubes by adding one or two slices of tape in the inner part of them.


Not included: tubes, zip ties, feathers, pipe cleaners, flashlight, carrying bag, camera, trigger, tripod

Please note that:

  • The design of the cap is going to evolve in time (for the best). What you receive slightly differ from the product pictures
  • Payment is captured after check-out.
  • Expected shipping time: within one week



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Type: Tube accessory