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Light-painting is a lifestyle

All of our tools in your hands. This is the home of the light-painting tubes and squares. With Kim Henry & Eric Paré

A colorful journey

The tools you're going to find on this on this store are the ones we've been using for years. Get started now with a Starter Kit, or make your own tools using our DIY tutorials

Alien tube

Green/yellow/orange. Great for Northern lights and the blue hour

Warmish tube

Great for late night light-painting with the stars and the Milky Way

RoseBronze square

Sugar tube

Sugar Square

Solid White tube



I’ve been looking for a simpler/more effective solution to bring colors at the top of the tubes. The small tubes and feather-shapes-feathers were ok, but this is a game changer. I’ve been working with this for the past few weeks and this is just incredible. It is super colorful and it slices into the water like butter! :)